Aircraft maintenance division

Repair and maintenance of commercial aircraft:

Within this, we mainly perform aircraft structure and avionics (electrical) rebuildings. Our assignments included the Boeing 737/300/400/500 and the Boeing 737NG/600/700/800 series, but we also rebuilt Airbus A319, A320, A321 aircrafts, and we also performed aircraft structure repairs on Fokker 70, Boeing 767 and Boeing 757 aircrafts. Currently, in the absence of hangar capacity, this airplane sector is paused, but it is expected to restart in the near future.

Small and sports aircraft rebuild:

In this circle, we deal with the repair of Otto, Wankel and star engines, lower and upper wing aircraft, mainly aircraft structure and avionics rebuildings. Piper Cherokee, Piper Super Cab, Cessna 170-185 series, Mooney and Beaver types, overhaul of two-engine turboprop planes, resp. "D" and "C" check inspections are included in our offer. The planes are purchased in a project condition and then sold on the American and Russian markets after complete overhaul and painting.

Our plans include: overhauling the wooden and metal structures of gliders, composite structural repairs with pre-preg technology, creating an overhaul base for Lycoming and Continental aircraft engines, and building an aircraft wooden structure and paint factory.